Supported Independent Living NDIS

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a type of disability support service that provides 24-hour support to people with disabilities who want to live independently in their own homes. SIL services are funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia and are designed to help people with disabilities to develop independent living skills, access the community, and manage their daily activities.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is an NDIS support also known as shared living accommodation. Shared living arrangements offer a fantastic opportunity for residents to live with people they choose, meeting social needs and maximizing their independence. Supported Independent Living (SIL) is just one NDIS package that people with disability can use to live independently or with a group of people.

P Home care is registered NDIS provider, if you have a disability and you are unable to live independently, Supported Independent Living (SIL) could be the right choice for you. Supported Independent Living (SIL) is an NDIS support where you can live with other people with a disability or on your own. You will also receive support with everyday tasks like cleaning, cooking, 24/7 homecare and personal care.

Supported Independent Living NDIS (SIL) is when you live in shared housing with other people or on your own with assisted living support from us.

SIL is best suited for participants who have high support needs. This means you require a significant amount of help throughout the day. If SIL is the most appropriate support for you, you will receive funding for this assistance as part of your NDIS plan. The amount of SIL funding you receive will depend on the level and type of support you need to live as independently as you can. Supported Independent Living is funded under Core Supports – Assistance with Daily Life in your NDIS plan. The NDIS does not fund the cost of rent, board, transport, and other day-to-day expenses such as food and activities.

Supported living offers good quality accommodation where residents have tenancy rights with flexible person-centered support to address people needs and aspirations.   Philips home care provide opportunities to live as independently as possible in the community whilst supporting you to maximize your independence, care for yourself, manage your health needs and feel connected and included as part of the community.

NDIS accommodation available

Short Term Accommodation (STA), Supported living services (SIL) and SDA can offer you a home and a support package in a range of accommodation types, including:

  • Fully self-contained units comprising a separate bedroom and living room with exclusive use of kitchen and bathroom facilities or studio accommodation with exclusive use of kitchen and bathroom facilities. Self-contained units may comprise the whole or part of a purpose-built block of flats or a number of units situated close to one another in a small locality such as an estate.
  • Accommodation for two or more service users each of whom will have exclusive use of a bedroom with shared use of kitchen and bathroom facilities. The accommodation is usually located in a self-contained unit such as a house or large flat which is exclusively occupied by the group of service users who are receiving the support service.

Supported Independent Living NDIS

Our services:

  • As a registered NDIS provider maintaining your home
  • As a registered NDIS provider managing your personal finance
  • As a registered NDIS provider developing domestic and life skills
  • As a registered NDIS provider accessing employment, training or volunteering opportunities
  • As a registered NDIS provider developing and keeping personal relationships
  • As a registered NDIS provider connecting in touch with family

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Supported Independent Living NDIS funding is dependent on the level of care required for the resident and is categorised as standard or complex, your NDIS funding covers support needs only. The cost of support does NOT include:

  • rental for the home;
  • day-to-day living expenses such as food, activities or supports when hospitalised;
  • items covered in other sections of the NDIS price guide such as assistive technology, transport costs, day program and work.

And Philips home care assures you that: 

P Home care is registered Supported Independent Living NDIS provider, as a Registered SIL provider will supply the workers to support people in the house with daily living tasks One of the joys of moving is the opportunity to expand your social circle. Challenge understands that living with other people is a great way to make new friends, therefore we strive to match you to other house members who are a similar age and have shared interests.

Balancing freedom and safety is important to everyone. While you will share the communal areas with the other house members, your new bedroom is your own space. You will have the freedom to arrange and decorate it in a way that you like. Highly trained staff provide 24/7 support with staff awake overnight. Supported Independent Living NDIS for people living with disability.

For more information or to register with us, please leave your details below and we will call you back to arrange an appointment. We have offices in New south Wales, Queensland , Tasmania and Northern Territory or please do contact us at 1800 571 955 or write to us at

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