NDIS Psychologist behavioral intervention support

Specialist behavioral intervention support NDIS psychologists provide specialised assessment, treatment and diagnosis of mental health, emotional and behavioral conditions for people of all ages by NDIS Psychologist behavioral intervention support

Our registered positive behavior intervention support and clinical Psychologists provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health, behavioral and emotional conditions.

NDIS Psychologist behavioral intervention support

Many of our psychologists support NDIS clients, and for eligible NDIS clients, support with a counselor is also available. We want to make sure that your individual needs are tended to, so we match clients with a suitable therapist on a case-by-case basis. Clients with self-managed or plan-managed funding are welcome to enquire about availability and capacity.

Online therapy, or telehealth, offers a convenient, easy and safe delivery method of therapy. This is especially true for some of our clients who may not be able to attend in person, or prefer to do so in the comfort of their home or space.

  • Specialist behavioural intervention support
  • Individual social skills development
  • Behaviour management plans
  • Training in behaviour management strategies.

HOW IS Psychologist behavioral intervention support FUNDED BY THE NDIS?

Many NDIS participants receive funding in a number of support categories in their NDIS plans. One such category is the Capacity Building Category.

Behaviour Support services are provided in the Capacity Building – Improved Relationships category. Within these categories there are a number of subcategories:

  • Capacity Building – Improved Relationships:
  • Specialist Behaviour Supports
  • Behaviour Management Plan

There are different types of psychologists available – for instance clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, pediatric psychologists.

This can be important in deciding which psychologists would be most suitable for your disability/condition. The NDIS assesses mental health conditions/issues as a “disability” when it is deemed that the functional capacity is “substantially reduced”.

If you are eligible under the NDIS, and have funding available – you can allocate it to psychosocial recovery coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists.

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