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Specialist Disability Accommodation

Specialist Disability Accommodation NDIS

Philips Home care is an NDIS-registered provider of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), proudly providing essential disability housing in NSW, QLD, Adeliade and Perth

SDA Disability Housing is uniquely designed to improve sda improved liveability, accessibility, freedom and independence through the inclusion of purpose-built house modifications, the consideration of optimal location, the robust and secure environment that prioritise safety, and through the high level of specialised care provided within the homes.

SDA Providers

As one of the leading SDA providers, P Homecare understands the importance of offering tailored solutions to individuals with disabilities. With our expertise in disability support services and our commitment to enhancing quality of life, we strive to provide top-notch SDA accommodations that promote independence, dignity, and inclusion.

At P Homecare, we recognize that finding suitable accommodation can be challenging for individuals with disabilities and their families. That’s why we’re dedicated to simplifying the process by offering comprehensive support every step of the way. From identifying the right SDA accommodations to coordinating support services, our team is here to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing assistance tailored to individual needs.


NDIS SDA homes refers to specialized housing options designed for individuals with significant disabilities in Australia. National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
SDA aims to provide suitable living arrangements that meet the specific needs of people with disabilities, incorporating various modifications and features to enhance accessibility, safety, and independence. SDA properties are typically built or modified to high-quality standards and may include features like wider doorways, accessible bathrooms, assistive technology, and support services. SDA is an important component of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and plays a crucial role in ensuring individuals with disabilities have access to suitable housing options that promote their well-being and quality of life.
specialist disability accommodation ndis

Explore Brand New NDIS SDA Homes in Sydney

Current SDA vacancies -We currently have SDA availability in Blacktown, Box Hill, and Campbelltown in NSW.

SDA improved liveability

If you find it difficult to see or understand things around you, then Improved Livability SDA might suit you.

Improved Liveability, NDIS SDA Homes is easy to move around in. Doorways, handles and switches are easy to see and it’s often easy to see from one room through to the next.

What is SDA in NDIS?

Some NDIS participants receive funding for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). SDA has accessible features to help residents live more independently and have better access to the supports in their home. SDA funding in participant plans is used for housing, not services or supports. p home care is a registered SDA provider in Australia.

What are the categories of NDIS SDA Homes?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is provided within four separate categories: Improved Livability, Fully Accessible, High Physical Support, and Robust. P home care is provider for all SDA categories. 

What is SDA standard?

The SDA design standard improves clarity about design requirements, provider confidence and compliance by giving: participants access to high-quality housing models. providers flexibility to respond to participant needs and preferences.
What type of SDA funding can I access?

When a participant is eligible for SDA the NDIA will provide that participant with an amount of funding. The NDIA considers the participant’s goals and preferences, and calculates the amount of SDA funding based on:

  • Design category – determined by the participant’s support needs
  • Dwelling type – determined by both the goals and needs of the participant to achieve those goals
  • Location – determined by both the goals and needs of the participant, and which represents value for money.

The participant can then use that funding to find a dwelling to move into that is consistent with their goals and support needs. SDA funding is provided to a participant not a dwelling, and a participant can move from one dwelling to another.

I don’t have SDA funding but would like to know more

If you’d like to find out more about SDA funding and eligibility, simply fill in the contact form below, and one of our team members will give you a call to discuss your options further.

There are 5 types of Specialist Disability Accommodation. These are referred to as the SDA Design Categories:


Covers older properties that don’t have any special design features. Basic SDA is no longer being built.

Fully Accessible

If you have a significant physical disability, then Fully Accessible SDA might suit you. Most often, people who are eligible for Fully Accessible SDA use a wheelchair to get around some or all of the time.

There are no steps in a Fully Accessible home. Doorways are wide enough for a wheelchair. The bathroom is designed to be used by people who are sitting as well as standing and the kitchen often is too.

High Physical Support

If you use an electric wheelchair to get around, or a hoist to get in and out of bed, or you need many hours of support every day, then High Physical Support SDA might suit you.

A High Physical Support home has all the features of Fully Accessible SDA, plus emergency back-up power and a ceiling that is strong enough for a ceiling hoist. It will often have an intercom that connects you to a support worker who is close by. It may also have assistive technology that suits the needs of the person who lives there. This could include doors, lights and heating that can be controlled with your voice or a device.


If you sometimes act in a way that may not be safe for you or the people around you, then Robust SDA might suit you.

The walls, windows and other things in a Robust home aren’t easily broken. It has good sound-proofing, so that sounds from outside don’t upset you, and so that any noise you make doesn’t upset the neighbours. The doors and windows are secure. A Robust home will also have a space where you, other residents or staff can go to keep safe.

SDA also includes 5 Building Types.

1. Apartments Self-contained units in a larger residential building

2. Duplexes, villas and townhouses Separate but semi-attached properties on one piece of land. This includes housing, such as granny flats

3. Houses Detached low-rise dwellings with garden or courtyard areas

4. Group homes Houses for 4 or 5 long-term residents

5. Larger dwellings For more than 5 long-term residents

Disability Accommodation in Sydney

Each person has their own bedroom and can furnish it as they choose Neurological or other disability accommodation in Sydney. You will also be involved in all aspects of maintaining your home environment. Our group homes support from two to five people per house and are staffed with community support workers. Most group homes have a community worker sleep over each night who can, when and where needed, wake during the night to provide any needed support.

NDIS = A better life

The NDIS supports a better life for many Australians with a significant and permanent disability and their families/carers. By offering access to additional support services, the NDIS provides people with a disability with the opportunity to live a more independent life

Shared Living Homes

We provide a selection of supported independent share-houses for groups of two or more. Living options include multi-room houses, self-contained units and villas. This is a good option for people who want to live independently yet still require access to social support.
Our extensive expertise is used to match you with the right people and accommodation to ensure the best long-term fit for you. The process of choosing and moving to a new home can be made easier for you, with expert support provided at each stage.
Housemates are expected to share roles and responsibilities within the home, and meet up regularly to discuss and plan tasks and events. Staff will be available to offer support with daily tasks such as cleaning, laundry, goal-setting and grocery shopping.

NDIS SDA Accommodation

At P Homecare our goal is to provide NDIS participants with high physical support needs the opportunity live in beautiful architecturally-designed and finished residences that they are proud to call home.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Shared Living Homes

Our long stay options include individual units, shared living homes as well as purpose-built developments. For more information on how P homecare can help you find a home that meets your needs, contact the Customer Experience team on 0403803470

Disability Accommodation Sydney

The shortage of disability accommodation Sydney has been well documented, especially with regard to Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). Specialist Disability Accommodation helps people to have more independence while still receiving the care they need. Our purpose–built housing helps to deliver supports tailored towards personal requirements. If housing is one of the supports listed on your plan, then you may also be able to get NDIS SDA funding to help you with the financial side of things. This would usually be because you need to live in purpose-built Specialist Disability Accommodation to receive the care you require. SDA funding is paid directly by the NDIA to SDA providers. P homecare is a registered SDA provider.  SDA funding is for the cost of the home or building you live in. You will usually still need to pay rent or other personal costs to live in SDA. The services or support you might get in that home are not included in your SDA funding.

Short Term Accommodation, Disability housing, Supported living

Short Term Accommodation includes support for self-care, accommodation, all meals and activities in a center or group-residence for short periods. Short Term Accommodation (formerly respite) for adults receiving services under the NDIS in Sydney, Gosford, Newcastle, Kempsey, Taree, Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo and

P Home care 24/7 Support and Accommodation for NDIS Participants Disability

What is robust SDA housing?

Robust Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) refers to a specific category of housing designed to be resilient and offer extensive physical accessibility features. This type of housing is constructed using durable materials, products, and features that aim to minimize risks to both the residents and the surrounding community. The goal of robust SDA is to reduce the need for reactive maintenance and provide a secure and safe living environment for individuals with disabilities.

What are SDA payments?

SDA payments refer to the funding provided to cover the costs associated with Specialist Disability Accommodation. This includes the housing itself, including the land it occupies, as well as ongoing expenses like maintenance. The funding allocated for SDA is specifically designated for these purposes and cannot be utilized by NDIS participants for any other purposes. The amount of SDA funding included in an individual’s NDIS Plan will vary based on their specific needs and circumstances.

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