Medium Term Accommodation

Medium Term Accommodation (also known as MTA) refers to transitional accommodation for NDIS participants who are preparing to move into a more permanent home. The NDIS funds Medium Term Accommodation for eligible participants for up to 90 days. This is so people living with disabilities aren’t forced into an aged care facility or made to wait in hospital longer than they need to.

P Homecare MTA is available to eligible NDIS participants who require temporary transitional housing while they wait for their more permanent home to become ready or available to use. It could be used in the following circumstances:

  • as bridging accommodation for younger people who are at risk of being admitted (or who want to leave) an aged care home
  • participants who are ready to leave hospital but are waiting for home modifications, assisted technology or support equipment to be placed in their home
  • those who are eligible for Specialist Disability Accommodation and Autism Long Term Disability Accommodations, but need somewhere to stay while they are waiting for a vacancy or for a build to be completed

Medium Term Accommodation

Transitional accommodation isn’t just about receiving care; it’s also a great opportunity to maintain or improve your independence as you plan for your future. At P Homecare, we offer lots of opportunities for capacity building and making new friends while accessing short term, medium and Long Term Disability Accommodation. We provide:

  • Capacity building programs to help you feel more confident and capable at daily living
  • An opportunity to learn new skills and try new hobbies
  • Disability employment support
  • Enjoyable activities in an inclusive setting
  • An opportunity to receive support in your local community rather than an aged care facility or hospital ward, keeping you connected to their loved ones and pre-existing care networks
  • Leisure activities you can choose to take part in, including special lunches, concerts, cooking classes and movies
  • Cultural and religious activities for people of CALD backgrounds
  • A safe and vibrant community where you can make new friends if you choose
  • An opportunity to work towards your personal goals on your NDIS plan

Medium Term Accommodation only covers the accommodation cost of where you stay. MTA funding is included in the Core Budget of the NDIS plan. Short and Medium Term Accommodation (STA and MTA) are temporary forms of accommodation to give you  NSW – Hunter Region and Central Coast.

What distinguishes Medium Term Accommodations from Short Term Accommodations?

Various types of accommodations are funded by the NDIS for individuals with disabilities. Participants in medium-term accommodation are those who are waiting to move into their long-term homes but are unable to do so at this time due to unfinished support. It is covered by your NDIS plan as one of your other home and living support needs, and it is typically funded for a maximum of ninety days.

A short stay of up to 14 days away from home is known as short-term accommodation, and it’s intended to give you a change of scenery. It’s a chance for your regular caregiver to step away from their duties.

Medium-Term Accommodation in Sydney

In (Mta ndis) Sydney, PHomecare offers high-quality Medium Term Accommodation NDIS. NDIS participants from diverse backgrounds can enhance their abilities, acquire new skills, and receive community support by residing in our cozy homes. For those who require somewhere to stay while their regular caregiver is away, we also offer respite care.

Medium-Term Accommodation in Westmead

While you wait for your permanent residence to be ready, our Westmead temporary housing solution offers a secure place for you to call home. Along with various entertaining activities, we also provide respite care, medium-term accommodations for people with disabilities, and holiday accommodations.

Medium-Term Accommodation in Liverpool

PHomecare provides transitional and temporary disability accommodations so that individuals with disabilities can live in the community while their permanent home is being prepared. With so many programs, day trips, fitness activities, and new experiences available, we’ll help you develop your independence and acquire useful life skills.

For more information about accessing STA and MTA through P Homecare, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We offer flexible care options  in Greater Sydney regions current NDIS SIL and MTA vacancy in Westmead and Liverpool.

What does “medium accommodation” mean?

It’s funding for temporary housing if your long-term residence isn’t accessible due to delays in disability support services. Medium-term accommodation isn’t provided as an independent support; rather, it’s integrated into your overall home and living support provisions.

What’s the typical duration of medium-term accommodation?

To qualify, you must have a designated future residence and require temporary housing in the interim. Typically, we provide funding for medium-term accommodation for a maximum of 90 days.

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