Specialist Supported Residential Centre Out of Home Care Services – OOHC

Phome Care – Out of Home Care Services is an alternative home for children and young people with a Disability Services  who are unable to live with their Parents.

We are accredited by the Children’s Guardian to provide statutory out-of-home care or adoption services in NSW. SSRC stands for Specialist Supported Residential Centre, which is a type of residential care facility that is available in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, for individuals with complex and challenging support needs.

SSRCs are operated by non-government organizations and provide 24-hour support and care to individuals with significant disabilities, mental health issues, and complex behavioral support needs. The facilities are staffed by qualified and trained professionals who work closely with each individual to provide personalized care and support.

The services provided by SSRCs include accommodation, meals, personal care, and support with daily living tasks. They also provide a range of therapeutic and recreational activities to promote socialization, skill development, and overall well-being.

In NSW, the SSRC program is funded and regulated by the NSW Ministry of Health. The program aims to provide high-quality care and support to individuals with complex and challenging support needs while also promoting their independence and community participation.

Overall, SSRCs in NSW provide an essential service to individuals with complex and challenging support needs who require intensive and specialized care and support. They offer a safe and supportive environment where individuals can receive the care and support they need to live as independently and as fully as possible.

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What’s Out of Home Care( OOHC)?

Out of Home Care is an indispensable home for children and youthful people who are unfit to live with their parents. In utmost cases, children in out- of- home care are on a care agreement or protection order. There are a variety of reasons children and youthful people are unfit to live with their families but all children have the right to be and feel safe all the time.

Under our care, children will admit nurturing remedial and trauma-informed support so they can reach their pretensions, reconnect with family when possible, and feel safe. We’re then to hear, help produce openings for them to have a voice, and support them to live their stylish life.

Out-of-home care services

 Where do we offer OOHC Services? 

New South Wales SSRC Services 

Voluntary OOHC P home Care offers voluntary OOHC across NSW. This is where we give support to children and their families, where a child or youthful person is unfit to remain in the family home. In cooperation with DFFH, NDIS and the family we can offer 24/7 support in a variety of options.

To relate a child or youthful person with a disability to our care or to bandy our services, please get in touch.

Out- of- home care Aboriginal :

Non-family grounded Out of Home Care In Aboriginal, we offer services for both children and youthful people with a disability who are temporarily or permanently unfit to live at home. This includes preparing youthful grown-ups who are turning 18 to exit care and transition to life as an adult living in NDIS funded supported living.

To relate a child or youthful person with a disability to our care or to bandy our services, please get in touch.

What do I do if I bear critical backing?

If you bear critical backing or need to report suspected child abuse or a child at threat of abuse please communicate your applicable state departments below. However, call 000 If you believe a child is in immediate peril. still, abuse, or is at threat of passing detriment or neglect.

If you suspect a child is experiencing harm, abuse, or is at risk of experiencing harm or neglect, contact Child Safety Services

  • Domestic Violence Line: 1800 656 463
  • Child Protection Helpline:  ‍13 2111
  • Phome Care : 1800 571 955

Contact Us: Click Here

Find out further about child protection connections If you have enterprises that a child is at threat of significant detriment as a result of abuse or neglect, you’ll need to communicate the child protection input service that covers the area in which the child lives.

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