Private Nursing Care and Community Nursing Care

Private Nursing Care and NDIS community nursing services

Self-Manage Nursing Support For Yourself Or Your Family. P Homecare provides Private Nursing Care by skilled, specialized health carer at your own home. We Collaborate With You, Your GP, Allied Health Teams, And Your Loved Ones. Phomecare is a Registered NDIS provider for community nursing 

Philips Home care Private nursing care services can include a wide range of activities such as medication management, wound care, administering injections, monitoring vital signs, managing medical equipment, and providing personal care such as bathing and grooming. Private nursing care can also include companionship and emotional support for individuals and their families.

Private nursing care can be provided by independent nurses or through a private nursing agency.  Private nursing care can be a more personalized and convenient option compared to hospitalization or long-term care facilities, and can help individuals maintain their independence and quality of life. We are registered NDIS community nursing services for medication management services throughout Australia.

  • Comprehensive nursing assessment
  • Observation and ongoing health management
  • Proactive diabetes education and management
  • Wound care – wound dressing and management of complex wounds such as  burns, cellulitis, and leg ulcers
  • Medication administration includes schedule 8 drugs and injections, such as morphine
  • Pre and post-acute hospital care – medical and surgical
  • Blood glucose monitoring, administration of insulin, and diabetic monitoring
  • Nasogastric and gastrostomy feeding
  • Catheter irrigation & care, urine testing, and continence management
  • Oxygen, nebulizer, tracheostomy, and other respiratory care
  • Administration of suppositories, enemas & peccaries
  • Stoma & Colostomy care
  • Product selection and provision
  • Ongoing support, counseling, education & referral
  • Liaison with Doctors and Community Palliative care Doctors and Nurses
  • Case Management of client’s health care needs
  • Community nurse visits under NDIS

Tailored Private Nursing Care Services

Phomecare prides itself on offering a wide array of specialized nursing care services:

Skilled Nursing Assistance: Our team comprises highly skilled and certified nurses proficient in providing round-the-clock medical care, administering medications, wound care, and managing medical equipment.

Personalized Care Plans: We believe in individualized care plans that cater to specific needs and preferences. Our nurses collaborate closely with clients and their families to design personalized care strategies.

Compassionate Support: Beyond medical assistance, our nurses provide emotional support, fostering a sense of companionship and understanding for clients and their families during challenging times.

Health Monitoring: Our nurses conduct regular health assessments, monitor vital signs, and keep detailed records to ensure proactive and preventive healthcare management.

Private Nursing Care

The Phomecare Advantage in Private Nursing Care

Qualified and Compassionate Nursing Staff: Our team consists of experienced and compassionate nurses who prioritize the comfort and well-being of our clients. They possess a wealth of knowledge and skills to deliver top-tier nursing care.

Personalized Approach: We tailor our services accordingly. We focus on creating individualized care plans that address specific medical requirements and personal preferences.

Emphasis on Communication: Open communication is the cornerstone of our services. We keep clients and their families informed about care plans, treatment options, and any changes in health status.

Continuous Improvement: At Phomecare, we continually evaluate and enhance our services to ensure the highest standards of care. We remain up-to-date with the latest advancements in nursing practices to deliver the best possible care.

Accessing Private Nursing Care from Phomecare

Accessing our Private Nursing Care services at Phomecare is a straightforward process. Their families can reach out to us to discuss their needs, and our team will assist in devising a tailored care plan. Our aim is to provide seamless care that prioritizes comfort.

Phomecare’s Commitment to Exceptional Care

At Phomecare, our commitment to delivering exceptional Private Nursing Care stands unwavering. We understand the importance of compassionate, skilled, and personalized care, and we endeavor to uphold these principles in every aspect of our service delivery. Our goal is to provide comfort, support, and superior nursing care that exceeds expectations and ensures the well-being of those we serve.

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Our private home nursing service is available throughout Greater Sydney, Dubbo, Orange, Newcastle, Taree, Tamworth, Tweed Heads, and Hunter Regions. We are able to service areas such as Brisbane, Gold coast, Townsville, Hobart, and Adelaide

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