Continence assessment Perth and Bunbury – WA

Continence assessment Perth

PHomecare is your NDIS provider of Continence assessment Perth, and support under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).  We have continence nurse services in Perth and Bunbury.  We support NDIS continence assessment Perth and Bunbury.

Get a thorough continence assessment from our experienced healthcare professionals. Our assessment includes a comprehensive evaluation of your bladder and bowel function, as well as a personalized treatment plan to help you manage incontinence and improve your quality of life. Contact us today to schedule your assessment.

Get Incontinence Services Tailored For Women, Men & Children

Our registered nurses help people of all ages and all abilities, with an assessment of their incontinence needs for bladder and/or bowel, including ongoing training, management, support, and continence products funded through NDIS plans.

We have experienced incontinence nurses in Perth, Rockingham, Dwelling up, and Bunbury. We have community nurses available in Perth and Bunbury for Community Nursing including wound care, palliative care, continence, and support for people with chronic health conditions.

Our NDIS and Private Home Nursing service provide:

  • Nursing follow-up and care after discharge from hospital
  • Supervision of medication
  • Advice and education about health-related problems
  • Support for family, friends, and carers
  • Personal care
  • Wound management
  • Diabetes management
  • Clinical monitoring
  • Catheterization
  • Dementia monitoring and management
  • Consultation and discussion about options and choices of services for clients and carer

Our Specialized Continence Assessment Perth Services

Comprehensive Evaluation: Our skilled and trained healthcare professionals conduct thorough assessments to understand an individual’s continence-related concerns, taking into account medical history, symptoms, lifestyle factors, and any existing medical conditions.

Diagnostic Tests: We may employ various diagnostic tools and tests to assess bladder and bowel function, including urine analysis, ultrasound, bladder scans, and other specialized assessments as necessary.

Personalized Care Plans: Based on the assessment results, we develop personalized care plans tailored to address specific continence issues. These plans may include lifestyle modifications, exercises, behavioral strategies, and if needed, referrals to specialists for further evaluation.

Education and Support: Our team provides essential education and support to individuals and their families, offering guidance on managing continence-related challenges and promoting strategies for better bladder and bowel control.

Phomecare Continence Assessment Perth Approach

Expertise and Compassion: Our healthcare professionals possess expertise in continence assessment and treatment. They approach each assessment with compassion and sensitivity, ensuring the comfort and dignity of every individual.

Holistic Care: We believe in a holistic approach to continence management, considering not only the physical aspects but also the emotional and social factors that may affect continence.

Client-Centered Care: We prioritize the preferences and needs of our clients. Our Continence assessments Perth are conducted in a respectful and supportive manner, encouraging open communication and active participation in care decisions.

How do I refer?


Clients can self refer to our services by calling 1800 571 955

Email –

P home care is registered  NDIS Nursing Care Services and Registered NDIS Providers.

Is a P home care is registered provider of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

Our Continence Nurses are Australia wide We have experienced Registered Nurses in NSW, QLD, SA, WA – Perth, and Bunbury

Does NDIS cover incontinence products and assessments?

Yes, we would typically fund continence supports for participants five or older who regularly experience incontinence, day or night. The cost is likely to meet our funding criteria.

What is a continence assessment?

A continence assessment is a detailed assessment: of how the person’s bladder and bowel are working. of any issues, the person has getting to, or using, the toilet. to work out if the person has incontinence and what type of incontinence they have.

What does a continence nurse do? Role of the Continence Nurse?

The continence nurse provides expert care to patients with urinary and/or fecal incontinence by conducting a focused assessment, performing a limited physical examination, synthesizing data, developing a plan of care, and evaluating interventions.

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