Dealing With NDIS Clients With Challenging Behaviors

Dealing NDIS Clients 

P Homecare as a registered NDIS Provider Our approach is always positive from start to finish. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of care and clinical excellence from day one Providing Timely, Quality In-Home care. Participants with complex support needs and challenging behaviors and the issues they face when dealing with providers and the NDIS planning process.

Philips Home care staff who specialize in complex behavioral needs are skilled at identifying potential triggers for challenging behavior. They’re trained to focus on prevention, build communication skills and work with people to find other ways to manage their feelings.

Tips For Dealing NDIS Clients

Here are some basic tips that can help to reduce the chances of challenging behaviors, or develop positive responses to them:

  • Provide as much structure and routine as possible
  • Communication should be clear, direct and frequent
  • Be clear about which behaviors are acceptable or not
  • Have clear limits and rules – what is expected and what is appropriate
  • Give the person feedback and information about their behavior
  • Be consistent in how you manage behavior
  • Be positive – notice and encourage appropriate behavior frequently
  • Take into account changes in thinking, understanding or memory
  • Use strategies that defuse behavior and help a person calm down, such as talking it through, changing the topic or changing the task
  • Use redirection, distraction, and diversion to shift behavior
  • Get support for yourself and for the person with the brain injury.
  • Advice for family and carers

Dealing with NDIS clients with challenging behaviors

How We can Help as a registered NDIS Provider in Australia

We support and supervise clients with all conditions. Our team is trained to recognize the early warning signs to prevent behavioral outbursts as well as meet a diverse selection of cognitive and physical needs. Through assessment we can establish the best course of action to ensure behavioral issues are managed and a higher quality of life achieved on an ongoing basis.

Dealing with NDIS  clients with challenging behaviors

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