Personal Disability Support in Sydney

Personal disability support refers to the provision of individualized care and assistance to people with disabilities, in order to help them live as independently and comfortably as possible. Personal disability support can include a wide range of services, depending on the needs and goals of the individual.
Here are some examples of personal disability support services:

1. Personal care:

Assistance with daily living activities, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting.

2. Home support:

Assistance with household tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, and shopping.

3. Mobility support:

Assistance with mobility and transportation, including wheelchair assistance and help with using public transportation.

4. Health care:

Assistance with managing medical conditions and medication, coordinating medical appointments, and providing first aid in emergencies.

5. Communication support:

Assistance with communication, including sign language interpretation and assistive technology.

6. Emotional support:

Assistance with managing emotional and psychological challenges, including anxiety, depression, and stress.

7. Social support:

Assistance with participating in social activities, such as community events and recreational activities, and building relationships with others.

Personal disability support can be provided in a variety of settings, including the individual’s own home, in a community setting, or in a residential facility. The support can be provided by a trained caregiver, a family member, or a friend.
The goal of personal disability support is to help individuals with disabilities to live as independently as possible and to maintain a good quality of life. By providing personalized care and support, individuals can feel more in control of their daily life and can experience greater comfort and safety. Personal disability support can also help to reduce the stress and burden on family members and caregivers, who may be providing care on their own.

Personal Disability Support by P Home Care

We help people with disabilities from all backgrounds. We provide Disability support, personalised home care, behaviour support, specialised dementia care. We provide a wide range of services approved by the NDIS to all participants including Disability housing, domestic assistance, transportation assistance, experienced staff, and 24 hours support.

For people with spinal cord injuries and similar neurological disabilities, P home care has been providing personal care services. P home care provides personal care and assistance in daily living for people with disabilities to help them live the life they choose. P home care offers a wide range of disability services in Taree, Tamworth, Newcastle, Central Coast and Sydney including keeping up with ménage tasks and particular care.

We provide private home care as well. PERSONAL CARE in NSW and QLD. Whether you just need a little help getting your day started or more ongoing assistance, we’ll help you with your everyday life.
P home care offers a wide range of disability services in Taree, Tamworth, Newcastle, Central Coast and Sydney including keeping up with household tasks and personal care.
Our staff are highly skilled and are able to provide reliable, innovative, and flexible support to suit individual needs and goals.

Services Offered by P Home Care

We assist participants to develop daily living skills and provide Personal Disability Support with a variety of tasks which include:

  • Personal Care
  •  Grocery shopping
  •  Meal planning and preparation
  •  Assistance with medical needs
  •  Healthy lifestyle support
  •  Travel training

People with disability are helped to identify the support that they need to live their life and to develop a tailored plan to fund these supports and help them achieve their goals.
Support may help you achieve goals in many aspects of your life, including:

  •  independence
  •  social and community participation
  •  assistance with daily skills
  •  life skills

The NDIS gives you choice and control over how, when, and where your supports are handed, and gives you certainty that you’ll admit the support you need over your continuance.

NDIS Eligibility

Can I Access the NDIS?

have a permanent disability that significantly affects your ability to take part in everyday activities

  • be aged less than 65 when you first access the scheme
  • be an Australian citizen, live in Australia, hold a permanent visa or hold a Protected Special Category Visa.

To find out furthercommunicate the NDIS on 1800800110 or visit the NDIS website to make an access request or to find out further about your eligibility.


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