NDIS Business in Australia

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia can provide support and opportunities for individuals with disabilities who wish to start a small business. Here’s how the NDIS can help you kickstart your entrepreneurial journey:

  1. Funding for Business-Related Supports:
    1. The NDIS can fund various business-related supports, including those that help you develop the skills necessary to run a small business. This may include training, coaching, or courses related to business management, finance, marketing, and more.
  2. Assistive Technology and Equipment:
    1. If your small business requires specialized equipment or assistive technology, the NDIS can fund these items to improve your accessibility and productivity.
  • Transport Assistance:
    • The NDIS can provide support for transport-related costs, which can be vital for your business, whether it involves meeting clients, attending meetings, or making deliveries.
  • Support Coordination:
    • A support coordinator can help you plan, organize, and coordinate the various aspects of starting and running a small business. They can assist in finding suitable supports, connecting with service providers, and developing a business plan.
  • Capacity Building Supports:
    • The NDIS can fund capacity-building supports to help you build the necessary skills and confidence to run your business successfully. These supports can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Employment Supports:
    • If your business involves employing individuals with disabilities, the NDIS can provide support for recruitment, training, and ongoing assistance for your employees.
  • Plan Flexibility:
    • Your NDIS plan can be flexible, allowing you to use your allocated funding to support your entrepreneurial goals. You can use your plan to cover the costs of relevant services, equipment, or training.
  • Business Coaching and Mentorship:
    • The NDIS can fund business coaching or mentorship programs that connect you with experienced entrepreneurs who can provide guidance and advice on running a small business.
  • Networking Opportunities:
    • The NDIS, together with disability support organizations, can provide access to networking events, workshops, and conferences to help you build connections within your industry.
  • Business-Related Expenses:
    • You may be able to use your NDIS funding for business-related expenses, such as a dedicated workspace or workspace modifications to make it accessible.
  • Customized Solutions:
    • The NDIS is designed to be flexible and person-centered, which means your support plan and funding can be customized to meet your specific business-related needs.

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