What You Need to Know About Self-Managed Home Care Package

Self-managed Home Care Packages

Home Care packages are crafted to support individuals in preserving their independence, even when faced with the challenges of aging or disability. The concept of “self-managed” Home Care Packages is specifically tailored to serve this purpose as well.

If you’ve come across the idea of “self-managing” your home care package and are curious about its implications, this guide aims to assist you in determining whether it aligns with your preferences and requirements.

Is Self-Managed Home Care Package the Right Choice for You?

The Home Care Package serves a key purpose in preserving your independence as you age. Whether it’s maintaining your garden, cherishing regular visits with your neighbour, or hosting family gatherings, your desire for independence is likely significant.

Taking charge of your Home Care Package can empower you to continue exercising independence, making choices, and maintaining control. Upon receiving a home care package, you gain various options to allocate these funds, ensuring your needs, goals, and preferences are prioritized. Therefore, acquiring knowledge about the precise allocation and rationale behind your package funds is essential. Given that you understand your aged care needs better than anyone else, you are arguably the most qualified person to manage your care.

What is Self-managed Home Care Packages

Each Home Care Package (HCP) necessitates an approved provider to designate a care manager responsible for overseeing the package. This ensures that your care and services remain personalized and adaptable to your evolving needs and preferences, while also ensuring compliance with national standards and legislation.

In a fully managed plan, the care manager from the approved provider plays a more significant role in coordinating the care and services provided under your home care package. At P Homecare, this collaborative effort is conducted in partnership with you and those individuals who are important to you.

With a self-managed plan, you gain greater control over choices and decision-making regarding your care and services. You may actively participate in creating your care plan, managing your budget, identifying and engaging workers, and reviewing your services. Although you retain an active role, the chosen approved provider continues to support you in managing your HCP. At The P Homecare, we guide you through each step, assisting with tasks such as completing and adjusting your care plan and budget, and facilitating the engagement of desired workers.

Not all providers offer self-managed home care packages, so if this aspect is crucial to you, selecting a provider offering the desired options becomes imperative. You hold the right to determine your level of involvement in managing your care, choosing which aspects you prefer to handle personally and which you delegate to your provider. Self-management is flexible; you can decide the extent of your involvement, allowing the approved provider to handle the rest according to your preferences.

How We Support Your Needs

P Homecare provides a diverse array of services, spanning from domestic aid and community access support to both straightforward and intricate nursing procedures. Our dedicated support workers and nurses are prepared to fulfill your requirements wherever you require assistance

  • Assistance with personal activities, 
  • Daily tasks/shared living, 
  • Household tasks, 
  • Social & community participation, 
  • Accommodation, 
  • Development of life skills, 
  • High-level assistance with personal activities, 
  • Group/center-based activities, 
  • Community nursing care
  • 24/7 In-home care
  • and travel/transport assistance

What are the Benefits of Opting for a Self-Managed Package?

The primary benefit of self-management lies in the complete autonomy and control it affords you over your expenditures. With this approach, you always maintain full transparency regarding your available options and every decision related to your care. In the event of changing needs requiring adjustments to your care package, you can clearly assess how these modifications might affect both your budget and the quality of your care.

Additionally, self-management can lead to cost savings on home care package services, as many providers impose substantial management fees. Opting for self-management often allows for significant discounts. (Notably, P Homecare does not levy any additional fees for comprehensive management.)

Take control of your Home Care Package and select P Homecare as your service provider. P Homecare is dedicated to ensuring you receive the finest care and optimal results from your Home Care Package. Enjoy not only competitive pricing and minimal fees but also exceptional service and care delivered by our skilled Care Professionals.

Our commitment lies in providing home care and support that is prompt, flexible, and entirely tailored to your requirements. Rest assured, you won’t have to compromise on the quality of care and support you deserve. Initiate a conversation with us for a commitment-free discussion and discover more about our services today! P Homecare stands as one of the leading home care providers in Australia. Feel free to reach out to us using the buttons located at the top of the page, and inform us about your home care needs, whether it’s a self-managed package or not. We’re here to assist you. Contact us at 1800 571 955 or at ndis@phomecare.com.au for more information. Follow us on Facebook!

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