What is PACE for?

PACE, the new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system developed by Salesforce for the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), is poised to replace Services Australia’s existing software. PACE-1 Best Solution for both NDIS providers & participants. This innovative system aims to streamline interactions between participants, service providers, and the NDIA, supplanting the current SAP CRM business system. Currently undergoing testing in Tasmania, PACE is expected to gradually roll out nationwide once the testing phase is successfully completed. Initially slated for completion by October 30, 2023, the project faced a delay, with the revised target now set for February 2024, contingent upon a final assessment to ensure its fitness for purpose.

PACE new systems will eventually replace the current computer system and my place portal. Numerous modifications have been incorporated during the testing phase, encompassing improvements to the payment inquiry system and facilitating the exchange of information between the NDIA and various providers, such as support coordinators, recovery coaches, and plan managers. Additionally, several support categories have either been added or renamed, and the system’s interface has undergone general enhancements to enhance user-friendliness.

The upcoming features include the introduction of “participant-endorsed providers,” enabling service providers to directly access each participant’s plans through the system. Furthermore, support coordinators and psychosocial recovery coaches will be granted access to submit service requests through the system.

NDIS Funding Categories

PACE plans provide greater flexibility for participants by organizing funding within NDIS plans at the support category level. Plans will no longer include specific line items; instead of detailing funding for “Occupational Therapy,” for instance, it will allocate funding for broader categories like “Improved Daily Life.” This approach offers participants increased flexibility in managing their total budget.

Participants will still have both specified and adaptable supports.

Service Bookings

PACE NDIS plans eliminate the concept of service bookings, granting participants more choice and control. Funding is not pre-allocated to future supports, allowing for easier changes if participants wish to alter their preferences.

PACE-1 Best Solution for both NDIS providers & participants

Support Types

PACE is transitioning from three to four support types. The updated support types are:

  • Core
  • Capacity Building
  • Capital
  • Recurring

Existing participants won’t be rolled onto PACE until they have a new plan and they’ll find that out during their plan reassessment.

New participants will be notified that they’re on PACE during their planning meeting.

PACE introduces a range of transformative features and modifications with significant implications for both participants and providers:

  • Faster Payments: Endorsed providers, chosen by participants, can now expect accelerated payments, with processing times estimated at just 2-3 days, a considerable improvement from the previous 10-day waiting period for unendorsed providers.
  • Endorsed Providers: Participants now hold the authority to endorse their preferred service providers. This shift aims to expedite payments and empower participants in selecting their service providers.
  • Changes to Support Categories: The introduction of new support categories, including ‘recurring,’ may impact how participants allocate their funding for specific purposes.
  • Flexible Funding: PACE provides increased flexibility in how participants utilize their plan funding, allowing for greater adaptability to individual needs.
  • New Portals: Both participants and providers will have access to newly designed, user-friendly portals, enhancing their overall NDIS experience.
  • Release of Funding in Intervals: Funding will be released in stages, although specific details regarding the duration and process are yet to be clarified.
  • No More Service Bookings: PACE eliminates service bookings, significantly reducing administrative burdens and providing participants with greater flexibility in accessing services.
  • Access to Participants’ Plans: Registered providers, support coordinators, and plan managers will have simplified access to view participants’ plans with appropriate consent.
Support categorySupport type
Home and LivingCore
Behaviour SupportCapacity building
Assistive Technology Repairs and RentalCapital
Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)Capital
Transport RecurringRecurring
Specialist Disability Young People Living in Residential Aged Care (YPIRAC) – Cross BillingCore

NDIA contact details

If you have questions or queries about PACE:

  • Email provider.support@ndis.gov.au
  • Call the National Contact Centre on 1800 800 110
  • For payment enquiries, please lodge a payment enquiry via the my place provider portal, as you would normally do.
  • You can email ndiatransition.providers@ndis.gov.au to share your feedback about your experience with the new computer system and using the new NDIS provider portal.

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